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Ghalil Answers Your Most Frequently
Asked Questions

What is this book about?

What is Professional     Dreaming?

Is Professional Dreaming
    for me?

What is Thought Energy?

Who is Ghalil?

Answer's to the above questions
and more are answered below!

What is the book about?

Professional Dreamer shows you how to dream in such a way that what you hold in your mind will manifest, reproduce in the outer world as the people, events and things you want in your life.

What is Professional Dreaming?

Professional Dreaming is about understanding that every thought is pregnant with the power to create; every thought is a dream, limitless and full of infinite possibilities. And so, professional dreaming is about approaching your dreams, your thoughts, with skill - it's the skillful application of thought to manifest objective reality.

What are the six simple steps of Professional Dreaming?

Step One will bring you to clear your mind of fears, worries, angers, doubts…It's about dissolving the barriers and blockages that are getting in the way of your ability to create.

Step Two will lead you to discover your desires; what you truly want to experience in your life, right now. Through Step Two, you will discover your will, faith, expectation and love. You will come to know what you love about yourself and your life. You will come to know your choices and what it is that you believe and are willing to accept into your life.

Step Three is the practical means to achieve what is often called, "going with the flow," and "connecting with your higher self, purpose and power." Through Step Three, you will be able to answer this important question:

"What do I want to give myself?"

Step Four pulls everything together. It gives you the opportunity to combine steps one, two and three simultaneously, so that very quickly, you can't imagine thinking any other way.

Step Five aligns your actions with your intentions and brings you to be as you desire-in thought, emotion and action. Through Step Five, you will answer two important questions:

"Am I truly ready to receive?"
"Am I truly prepared to live differently?"

Step Six is celebrating! It's living your life to its fullest. And, it's the natural result of consistently applying all the steps in the Practice.

Simply put, by the time you reach step six, you will already be celebrating, minute-to-minute, attracting what you want and eliminating what you don't want. You will find that you are, quite naturally and habitually, being happy. More importantly, you will find that you are automatically releasing bountiful and rewarding energy into your life.

What do you say to those of us who've tried it all and feel that nothing works?

I am so glad you've asked this question. I want to tell you that I've tried before! I've tried until I wanted to scream, "When will I have loved enough, done enough, been good enough, tried hard enough…When? When is it my turn?"

And I didn't just try everything…I taught it! I taught what I wanted to learn and I taught fiercely. Imagine! I was truly a successful mess. I was teaching wildly successful seminars, because I was passionately and sincerely trying to teach myself, but inside I was screaming. And, I tried so hard…I immersed myself in different teachings and traditions, contorted my body, lied to myself with affirmations and positive thinking, meditated, chanted, visualized and prayed…

If you feel like nothing has worked for you, immerse yourself in Professional Dreaming!

This Practice clearly tells you what to do and how to do it, right now. You don't have to schedule time to do the steps or make any special arrangements. You can apply the steps in every moment! If someone is yelling at you, you'll know exactly what to do. If you want to manifest a car, do it! The steps tell you exactly what to do, so there is never a moment when you are left to question, "how can I turn this negative thought around?" "What should I do now to keep my thoughts effectively creative?" "How can I be sure that I am manifesting my desires?"

More than that, the Practice clearly tells you how and why the steps work, so you can understand all of what's happening when you carry out a step.

Professional Dreamer empowers you. It's really that simple. It empowers you to know exactly how to clear you mind of all unnecessary, unwanted thoughts that interfere with your faith, self-confidence and connection to something much greater. And by saying that Professional Dreamer empowers you, I mean that it gives you the tools and "know how" to create miracles, again and again. Once you experience a richer, fuller, happier you, that's it, you know what this feels like and you know what you did to achieve it and you can do it again, whenever you want.

Is Professional Dreaming for me?

Professional Dreaming is for everyone looking to live their best life. And, if you have ever asked yourself any of these questions that follow, then Professional Dreamer is for you…

- "How can I get on the path that's right for me, so things just feel right and flow to me, easily?"

- "How can I stop struggling and bucking the tide?"

"How do I discover what I desire? I feel like I don't even know what I want or even what I like."

- "I'm not a light switch. How can I feel different?"

- "How can I stop attracting negative things, people and events into my life and start attracting good things, richer, happier, exciting things, things that benefit my life?"

- "How can change how I feel?"

- "How can I stop being angry and forgive?"

- "How do I live my life in a state of thankfulness and gratitude? What does this even mean?"

- "How can I feel my connection to something greater? Is there something greater?"

- "How can I stop feeling guilty?"

- "How can stop smoking, lose weight, stop drinking?"

- "How can I love and trust myself?"

- "How can I lay my head on the pillow at night and just fall asleep and not have my mind going around and around in circles?"

- "How can I stop worrying?"

- "How can I find out what's bothering me? How can I find out what's holding me back?"

How did Professional Dreaming come about? In other words, how do you know all this and what lead you to begin sharing this Practice?

One day, my life fell apart. I guess after years and years of trying to hold it together, something had to give. Although in my case, everything gave way: my relationship, my career and my health; I was very ill. Eventually, I ran out of money. It was at this time that I gleaned the information that is now called Professional Dreaming during an experience I can only think to describe as a profound spiritual awakening. I recount much of my experience in the preface of the book.



Ghalil's Story - 30-min Interview



That experience left me with two things: the knowledge to manifest, in every moment, the conditions I want in my life and a gnawing urgency to share the information. I first told a small group of people and soon after, I was constantly drawn to meet people. It wasn't long after that I started receiving calls and emails, some from people I had never met, telling me of miraculous and "unbelievable" changes in their lives. I have been sharing the information ever since. One day, someone asked if I would condense the information into a book and here we are…

What is the great sea of energy you talk about?

Everything is energy, this page, the air, trees, us-everything-is a connected force and power. This is the great sea of energy in which we live and have our being. We are immersed in an incredible substance, a divine intelligence, like a fish in water. And just like a fish, we are so often unaware of this incredible substance within and around us. Professional Dreaming is about understanding this great sea of energy and experiencing it and our connection to everyone and everything and knowing how we can change and mould this subtle, shared substance into the experiences and learning we want for our life.

What is thought energy?

I mentioned that everything is energy. Thought is a powerful energy or force. It is energy connecting us with the subtle energy of creation, because it is an extension of the same subtle energy at the very core of us. And, thought is energy in our possession and under our control. Indeed, we are unique from all other creatures. We can think and think about ourselves thinking and so, we can raise or lower our consciousness and control our interactions with the energy around us.

How is Professional Dreaming different from positive thinking, visualization or prayer: practices that, frankly, often seem not to work?

Professional Dreaming is about practicing a more effective way of thinking, as are these other practices. But Professional Dreaming is about knowing how and why thought works, so you can clearly picture what's happening in the energy all around you as you think; clearly picture how your every thought is molding and shaping the conditions of your life. In fact, it's having this intimate knowledge of the process that defines a dreamer as Professional and leads one, quite naturally, to think more effectively.

Professional Dreaming is really like becoming an experienced chef. A chef not only knows what ingredients are required and how to mix them, but a chef also knows why certain ingredients are used and how they work together. And so, a chef creates works of art.

Similarly, Professional Dreaming brings you to know all the "ins and outs" so you can sift together your thoughts and energy and create miracles, works of art.

Professional Dreamer is really a recipe-for all the experiences and conditions you want in your life. And once you know all the ingredients and understand how to mix them and why, it's easy to make the recipe and do so, over and over again. And it's even easier to go back over the process and determine what's missing or to add in a bit more of this or that, and speed the process of manifestation any time you like.

Do you think some people naturally attract positive events and things and others don't?

Happiness is a habit. It really is. What you think consistently, becomes automatic, natural-a habit. If it is habit for someone to think more productively: entertain uplifting images, deeply believed images, images that inspire and fill one with love, then certainly, it is easier and more natural to attract similar conditions. Professional Dreaming brings you to develop a more productive habit of mind easily. The steps work to together to assemble your thoughts, emotions and actions-consistently-so you quickly develop new, productive habits of mind and naturally attract abundance and reward.

You say that we carry around negative thoughts we don't even know about. What do you mean?

Nearly everyone's mind is filled with some mental clutter-painful memories, fears, guilt, angers, worries and resentments-that have simply become old mental habits, and so, habits that regularly hide from our conscious awareness. For example, it may be habit to think or say "I can't," so often that we no longer notice when we do it. Someone once turned to me and said, "Do you realize that you constantly apologize for yourself? You start and finish almost every sentence with 'I'm sorry'." To which I naturally and automatically responded, "I'm sorry."

Clutter litters our mind and disorganizes our thoughts so that the energy we produce is too weak and ineffective to manifest in material form-and we don't always know it's there! In practical terms, this means that we can dream about our desires until the "cows come home," but we'll achieve little more than hit and miss results, because as quickly as we're working to construct our desires, our mental clutter is systematically tearing down them down.

Professional Dreaming gives you the practical means to clearly identify and dissolve your mental clutter-a first step in much greater spiritual journey.

How do we dissolve our negative barriers, our fears, worries, angers and doubts? Does it take long?

Professional Dreaming gives you tools that you can use in every moment of the day to quickly replace and dissolve your mental barriers and blockages. In short, the Practice shows you how expand your thoughts and move past old fears, limiting beliefs and doubts. If you do so for a time, it soon becomes habit to do so. And, it is surprising just how quickly long-standing fears that may have taken years to develop can be easily, magically, eliminated. But, of course, what takes years to build can be obliterated in moments. Someone imprisoned for years can be released by a single turn of a key. It takes very little time to overcome destructive habits of mind and begin welcoming a flood of abundance into your life.

What do you mean when you say that how we think determines the effectiveness of what we think?

This is an excellent question and the answer sheds some light on why positive thinking often seems not to work.

If you think positively about getting a car, but moments later, you change your mind and think positively about going on holiday and later still, you're excited about losing weight and on and on, your thoughts are consistently positive, but scattered. How we think and organize our thoughts is important. It is not enough to simply think positively all the time, nor is it practical to think that we can always do so. We all encounter negativity-hourly.

We need to know what and how to think and we need to know why thinking this way is important. Then, we need small steps, steps that any one of us can do, and do consistently, to assemble our thoughts, emotions and actions productively.

This is what Professional Dreaming is all about. It's about acquiring a manageable portion of knowledge and immediately putting it into practice in your life. It's understanding and doing and in small, consistent ways that anyone one of us can do.

Do you think negative thoughts stop us from creating?

Not at all; negativity begets negativity. The important thing to remember is that our ability to create is limited not so much by our negative thoughts themselves, but by the disorganization and confusion they cause. If you we think, "I'll get a better job," but moments later we think, "I'll never get a better job," then one thought effectively cancels the other, and so, blocks the creation of what we want.

Isn't focusing on material things wrong somehow, in a spiritual sense?

No. We live in a physical world. In fact, the physical world is what we know best. We're raised to respond to what we see, feel and hear. And it's no coincidence that we are here, in physical form. Therefore, creating tangible, real things is simply the easiest way to start learning and exploring the intangible world. Indeed, it's always easiest to start with what we know and then, slowly, move into the unknown.

Professional Dreaming encourages you to initially focus on fulfilling your physical needs and desires, so, in a very real and concrete way you witness the effects of your thoughts and thus, energy. And, in a very comfortable and familiar way, you begin to explore something far greater than the physical experience. Besides, creating everything you want in life is simply manifesting what you already have-it's simply manifesting the spirit; your natural state of abundance.

What do you mean when you say energy is intelligent?

Just that. Intelligence is the ability to receive and impart information. It's the ability to communicate. As you think, you communicate with the energy around you, no differently than if you were speaking to your best friend. Professional Dreaming is bringing you to raise your energy to a higher level, so you can receive the communication that flows through a higher level of energy. Remember, we live in a great sea of energy, a vast network of intelligence that listens and responds to us to bring us the experiences we need and want to have and that ultimately bring us to a greater understanding.

How effective is the Practice of Professional Dreaming? You mentioned that many people experience what is commonly described as an "eerie" period.

Professional Dreaming is highly effective. I haven't yet met someone who has not experienced something good and wonderful, immediately. As well, everyone engaged in Professional Dreaming consistently, for a couple of weeks to a couple of months, has experienced a period of time, sometimes a day or even a few weeks, where their thoughts manifest so quickly that it is, in fact, a bit eerie at first.

For example, you think about a holiday and the next thing you know, your boss offers you a bonus that includes a weekend trip. You think about paying off your bills and an hour later you receive an unexpected windfall. And on and on it goes all day, and, as I say, sometimes it goes on like this for a week or more-you think and what you think manifests. To be frank, it is a bit eerie at first. You're experiencing one "coincidence" after another and another…But that's the point. The Practice, I believe, is about bringing as many people, as quickly as possible, to experience something remarkable, "unbelievable" in a very real and tangible way, a way that you can see and touch.

In short, Professional Dreaming has brought profound changes into my life and the lives of others. And I know that if you just go ahead and do, you will find your own truth in the doing of it.

What do you want to help people to understand, solve, achieve and do?

I want to share a profound understanding that I believe was given to me specifically so that many people, very quickly, would come to know their true selves and power. I want people to wake up feeling wonderful, clear of mind, free of negativity and pain and know that bad things do not have to follow good things. It is possible to continually experience better and greater, more wonderful and fulfilling things. We each carry around a certain pattern of possibility in our minds. Once we create something remarkable, that pattern of what we can believe as possible, expands. And on and on…we can continue to create greater things. I want for others to know, very clearly, how simple this is to do and I want others to begin living the experiences and conditions they want to have in this lifetime, now. There is no better time. Now is the perfect time to live.

Do you think there is a growing awareness of the power of thought or being?

Absolutely. And I know that there is a growing awareness of the power of faith. I think we know enough now to know that we don't know and never will, in an empirical sense. Empirical evidence is still the result of us. In other words, we find evidence for what we believe. It is simply more pragmatic to embrace our beliefs, for then, we see them realized and can keep moving forward, creating new and better things for all people. In other words, I don't think many of us are waiting any longer to see hard data. Instead, there is a growing awareness that no evidence, other than experience, is required. And if the experience benefits all of humanity, than it is good and should be pursued and shared.

Isn't saying that we create our reality the same as saying we're to blame for our circumstances?

First of all, we are responsible. Responsibility means to have something in your power. We have in our power all possibilities, so saying that we create our reality or we have responsibility, is simply embracing a power we already have and making it useful.

Second, there are no mistakes, only experiences and every experience is growth. So to say that we are to blame is to blame ourselves for growing.

Third, when our thoughts are scattered, vague and unspecific, as they often are, we are greatly impacted by the energy around us, which is not always positive. Many of us have spent years around negativity. So, understanding that you create your reality is simply understanding that you are connected to everyone and everything, good and otherwise, and it's about taking a stand and saying, "I'm worthy," and "I now choose to consciously embrace the power within me and move away from all things disruptive, because I am ready to accept a better life."

And frankly, this is really all you need to do: ask yourself, "what am I willing to accept into my life?" and then, learn to focus your thoughts to consciously and consistently create what you want.

What do you say to people who feel it is too late to change?

If you assemble your thoughts effectively, even five minutes before you pass from this life, then, I assure you, your whole life have been a success. You are here, in part, to learn and it hardly matters when you learn it. As well, your consciousness is eternal and connected to all things. If you make a positive contribution for just a second, it has all been worth it and your contribution will multiply in ways that at present, with our limited senses, can hardly be comprehended.

Can you tell me what to do right now and for the rest of the day to attract something better into my life?

Yes. Right now, choose something that you love; something you really like and, play with it in your mind. Relish it, admire it and celebrate it. Because what you celebrate, you experience.

Choose something you love, like a car or a day at the beach. If you know what you desire to experience in your life, right now, then choose this and relish this thought and related images and ideas. Play with this thought throughout the day. And, anytime you start to feel uncomfortable or uneasy, immediately make the effort to let go of unwanted, chaotic thoughts and replace them with images and ideas of things you love and can truly believe and expect for your life.

You don't have to try and be superhuman. Do what you can. Every effort allows a greater energy to flow to you and bring you the things that benefit your life. Do even just this….and you will immediately find your life steered in a more positive direction.

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