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Your Dreams Can Come True. It Can Happen to You in Six Easy Steps.

Professional Dreamer is based on a very simple concept- your thoughts, whether positive or negative- influence your life and the events which occur in it. By changing how we think and directing our thought energy towards our desired goals, we can achieve anything we desire.



"You will be stunned by the beauty and simplicity
of this truly amazing book"

In Professional Dreamer this process of changing your thoughts and using thought energy is clearly outlined in six steps: One-Pointed Thought, Desire, Trueprint, Visualization, Demonstration, Manifestation. Each step is broken down into two parts, Principles and Method, allowing the reader to understand what each step is, how it works and why, as well as provide clear and practical steps to applying the theory to your day to day life. Interspersed with inspirational poetry and inspiring testimonials, Professional Dreamer is an easy read, beautifully laid out with life changing potential.

In the 279 pages of this powerful resource, you'll find
life-transforming insights on every page.

Which insight will stop you merely thinking about your desire
and get you to start living the life you deserve?


106 Reasons to get Professional Dreamer today!

Discover the simple truth that explains how dreams become reality; how thought evolves to become material fact. (Page 3)

Attract money, a home, car, love, riches, security, friends, family and heal your mind and body, not because you're greedy, but because life doesn't have to be a struggle. (Page 3)

Discover the means to release yourself from a work-hard-to-achieve mentality and start now to enjoy the wealth and abundance you're entitled to and deserve. (Page 3)

Discover how you can energize an idea in your mind and produce its physical equivalent in the outer world. (Page 4)

Learn how to dream in such a way that what you hold in your mind will manifest in the outer world. (Page 6)

Discover the principles of mental creation and share in the stories of so many people who have created wealth, happiness, healing and success and start today to manifest the life you have always wanted. (Page 6)

Learn the single-most important question you should ask yourself immediately to create the life you have always wanted (Page 10)

Discover the secrets to One-Pointed thought and learn how you can overcome unhappiness, anxiety, worry, guilt, doubt and fear. (Page 13)

Concepts and ideas are great, but we need practical, real-life tools for use in every moment of the day. How to effectively orchestrate the conditions of your life. (Page 13)

Create a map of your soul and alter the way you perceive your life. Discover the world through the eyes of your higher self and naturally attract an abundant and rewarding life. (Page 16)

How to bring forth the Language of Your Soul. (Page 16)



The technique to make effective thinking a habit. (Page 17)

Find out how you can quickly align your actions with you intentions, turning the whole of your being into a support system for your desires. (Page 18)

Discover how to gage your progress and always know that you are on the right track. (Page 20)

Why it is so important that we take small, manageable steps throughout the day. (Page 21)

Discover the principles of Attraction & Direction and find out how to energize and strengthen your energy. (Page 25)

Why raising your vibration gives you access to a vast sea of energy, wisdom and power. (Page 27)

How to insulate your body and mind from negative influences. (Page 31)

Why raising your vibration is only part of the story. (Page 31)

What you must do first if you want to bring thought into physical form on command. (Page 35)

The catch! Here is the one thing, common to us all, hidden to us all, that disrupts our efforts and ultimately determines our effectiveness. (Page 36)

Do just this one Step and if you do nothing else, this one Step will lead you to your best life.
(Page 38)

How to create your "Inventory Journal". Starting on Page 39, you'll discover how just a few minutes a day can take you away from physical, emotional, social constraints and limitations and guide you to step into your true and remarkable nature. (Page 39)

Find out all of what's been holding you back in your life. Follow an easy, quick process that you can do right in the moment to reveal the barriers and obstacles getting in your way and begin immediately to dissolve these unwanted elements that before, you didn't even know existed! (Page 39)

Learn how to tell the difference between a positive thought that is doing nothing to better your life and a positive thought that is adding to the construction of the life you want. (Page 40)

Find out what it means to "Dump, not Dwell," and why this is so important. (Page 41)

Here is the simple process to uncover the hidden disruptive thoughts that are right now working against you. (Page 44)

The simple truth about happiness. (Page 55)

How to free up energy for the creation of something new and why you must do this. (page 63)



The quick and easy way to elevate and expand your energy. (Page 65)

How to bring sentiment and memories to life. How to extract dynamic emotions from keepsakes and not allow "things" to drag you down, drain you, fill you with guilt or tether your creativity. (Page 68)

A guide to clearing your living space, which includes anything you regularly use or come into contact with. (Page 71)

A simple step to letting go and burning the bridges that bind you to the same old way of being day in and day out. (Page 72)

Meet "Yvonne," a woman who performed this simple ritual of commitment and welcomed into her life a check for almost $7,000.00. (Page 73)

The quick, practical act that you can do right now and instantly increase your mental clarity.
(Page 75)

Find out what you truly want to experience in your life, right now. (Page 81)

How to automatically formulate just the right pattern of thinking and tap just the right dynamic emotions to reach your full creative potential. (Page 81)

Discover the 4 key elements that will lead you to "know" who you truly are, ignite your passion and lead you to discover your greatest desires. (Page 81)

We get something, only to discover it's not really what we wanted after all. Why we often don't know what we want. (Page 83)

The 4 most powerful energies you can experience. (Page 84)

A key that has literally re-shaped the world hundreds of times and it will powerfully re-make your life. (Page 86)

Do you really expect a better life for yourself? Find out. (Page 88)

How an elderly woman could lift a car to save her son and how you have access to the same potent, powerful, abundant energy, which you can use to perform miracles in your life. (Page 93)

Desires are not wants and why understanding the difference is key to mental creation. (Page 95)

Truly understand how everything you could ever want is already a part of you, exists right here, right now. Read this page and shift your thinking to produce miraculous results. (Page 96)

The key to "living in the moment," "Being here now," and "letting go." (Page 98)



Why your greatest desires have yet to be revealed. (Page 101)

The most fun you'll have in an hour and you'll reap unbelievable results. (Page 102)

The power of a picture. How a single image can speed the manifestation of your desires.
(Page 108)

The power of "I AM." Learn how to communicate clearly with the universe so it can take your order. (Page 109)

How to attract money. (Page 109)

How a simple exercise can bring you money, and anything else you desire, like magic. (Page 110)

How to heal and strengthen your health. (Page 110)

How to attract love, a home, marriage and family. (Page 111)

How to attract travel and leisure time. (Page 111)

How to discover your right work. Attract the pay and conditions you want for your life. (Page 112)

How to expand your personal pattern of perception. (Page 118)

The key that brought one woman a $60,000 salary increase within days. (Page 122)

Here is your primary job in life. Do this and you will see your entire life turn around for good.
(Page 124)

How a young couple used the second Step to manifest a free car in minutes -literally.
(Page 128)

What to do when you first wake up in the morning. (Page 130)

Creation is only 10 years behind imagination. Learn to give your imagination wings. (Page 131)

Discover the Principle of Divine Intelligence, perhaps the most intriguing of all the Principles of Creation. (Page 118)

How to discover a personal and powerful language - the language of your soul, which you can invoke to tune into the energy of your higher mind that you may continuously experience a flow of wisdom and potent and abundant power.



The truth about energy. This is a must read. (Page 139)

Complete this brief test and immediately experience the power of single word or image to profoundly affect your being and functioning. (Page 144)

Learn how to exercise the qualities of your soul, minute to minute, throughout the day and fuel your creations with the dynamic energy of your soul. (Page 147)

Why our experiences with prayer and meditation often leave us disappointed. (Page 148)

How to create a "Trueprint," and bring out your true and higher self. (Page 150)

Discover your personal trinity that will instantly open you to a higher flow and return you to your greater truth. (Page 163)

How to respect yourself. (Page 165)

The simple truth about forgiveness - you can't give what you don't have! (Page 166)

Why you are more than enough, just as you are. (Page 173)

Why practice doesn't make perfect. (Page 181)

When visualization doesn't seem to work - the pitfalls. (Page 186)

Timing is key. When is creation taking place? The simple answer is the key to success. (Page 187)

Here is the secret to making creation a snap. (Page 190)

How to quiet your mind and body and memorize the sensations you experience while creating your desires. (Page 200)

Receive and know the answers to life's questions. How to cultivate your soul perception. (Page 212)

Overcome loneliness and experience a sense of wholeness. Learn of your connection to all things that gives you your natural power of creation. In fact, you are likely to seek solitude to enjoy the expanding horizons of your consciousness. (Page 212)

Feel comfortable in your own skin. As you cultivate your inner gifts, you will become more intuitive, express yourself freely and naturally attract the people and social circumstances you desire and that benefit your life. (Page 213)

Receive higher guidance and attune with your inner voice and wisdom. (Page 213)



What makes up our will? Learn the key beliefs and expectations that can keep us "see-sawing;" hesitating and missing opportunity or strengthen us with an affirmative, definite will that leads to decisiveness, clarity and success. (Page 221)

Find out how conflicting expectations and beliefs in one area of your life lead to confusion and conflict in all areas. (Page 222)

The simple truth that a broke, disheartened father finally got; really got and understood, and it turned him into a millionaire. Learn this truth. (Page 223)

Learn the formula that creates your will and automatically think, feel and act in positive ways. (Page 227)

The fast, easy way to change your beliefs and expectations. (Page 228)

Learn how to gracefully reprogram your mind to habitually create what you desire. (Page 228)

Share in the experiences of a group that used the techniques in Step 4 to transition with ease, without struggle or even trying, from addiction to a completely new, healthy way of life, complete with unexpected and abundant surprises. (Page 229)

How to align your actions with your intention and be restored to a state of "Involution." (Page 239)

Create a breeding ground of opportunity around you and provide the immediate means for energy to reproduce as a person, event or thing. (Page 243)

How to increase the realism of your dreams. (Page 248)

Are you truly ready to receive? Are you ready to take a partner? Be healthy? Have a home, car, wealth? Are you truly prepared to live differently? Find out. (Page 250)

"Gary's" desire to "live like a king," manifested the moment he declared his readiness to receive. Read how Gary's simple decision to throw out a pizza box returned enormous financial gain.
(Page 251)

Learn to recognize the people and events that are draining your energy. Stop being a "martyr." (Page 257)

What you see and hear greatly affects your consciousness. Do the Method in Step 5 and become selective in your interactions. (Page 257)



How long will your desire take to manifest? Use this quick checklist as a guide. (Page 263)

The key to manifestation. (Page 264)

The truth about every moment…why this second is all you need to produce life-transforming miracles. (Page 265)

The greatest gift you can give to others. (Page 266)

Learn how to take something for yourself and get comfortable with receiving. (Page 267)

Learn this secret to quickly spot-check your thoughts and find out if you are truly living your desires, celebrating the moment and effectively creating. (Page 271)

Here is a key-all you need to do to quickly jump-start your energy, speed the manifestation of your dreams, get back on track and develop quickly. (Page 276-277)

The ultimate secret of success. This is it. The truth that changes everything. And you won't believe how close you are to this truth. (Page 279)

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Professional Dreamer

Professional Dreamer is the book that will guide you in attaining everything you’ve ever needed and desired. Written by Vancouver author Ghalil, Professional Dreamer provides a step by step process for changing your outlook and life and manifesting all that you’ve ever wanted.

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