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Vol. 3, Issue #6 ~ June '07

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You’re craving something…You bring your car to a gentle standstill at a red light and look left. You notice a diner. A huge sign is propped atop the diner and reads, “Universal Restaurant.”

Curious, you signal left and pull your car into the diner’s gravel lot. There’s an open parking space to the immediate right of the diner’s front steps. You coast into the vacant space, open the driver’s car door and experience a rush of air.

A warm wind filled with tantalizing aromas caresses you. You detect cinnamon and bar-b-que. Your mind fills with images of bright sunshine and you on a beach. Smiling, you walk the length of your car to the trunk and stand at the foot of the diner’s old, wooden steps. You grab the tall railing and ascend to reach the diner’s entryway.

You stand before the large wooden doors of the diner and look up, awe-struck by their enormous size, and notice letters scrolled across the front doors. Large, gold letters read: You Are Everything.

The interior is abuzz with patrons and activity. You’re again taken over by delicious smells. You feel curiously youthful.

You notice a stack of menus and placard nearby that reads: You Are Everything.

You pick up a menu and spot an unoccupied booth. Just then, a waiter appears beside you, “Welcome…” the waiter seems to look deep within you and continues, “is this the first time you’ve consciously entered the Universe?”

You’re taken aback by the waiter’s question, but your attention is suddenly drawn to the atmosphere of the place. The air is like circulating clouds of electricity. You sense tangible bursts all around you and being to feel sparks dancing off your skin.

“Ah…yes, I think it is. I think…”

“Well,” smiles the waiter, “Welcome…And, congratulations. No one arrives until they’re ready. You have likely been told; perhaps, for many years, that everything is energy and life is truly like being in a Universal Restaurant that offers an infinite menu.”

“I’m sure you know that all you need do is ask and you shall receive. You may not know what to ask or how to ask, but we’re well staffed! So, c’mon in and let us serve you!”

The waiter leads you forward and continues:

“You have been in the process of life, a process we call, ‘getting ready.’ And today marks a wonderful moment in your evolution: a point of readiness. You are ready; prepared for the disciplines involved.”

“Do you understand?” The waiter winks, “Well, perhaps not yet. You may still agree, but you are here to move from agreement to understanding—first-hand experience.”

“So…let me be first among us to welcome you…Come…” The waiter gestures towards an open booth ahead and urges you to advance your steps.

You see a group of men seated at a plush red booth on your left and stop, feeling intently curious. Sun is streaming through a large window, highlighting a picture of a truck in the menu that lies open on the table. You hear a man speaking:

“…Great truck. Ford F150. I’ll add a canopy. I’m thinking $15,000.”

Another man, across from the speaker, frowns, and pipes up: “You’re dreaming man…Your head is in the clouds…”

The men at the table smile at this declaration and laugh. The speaker talks on, chuckling between words:

“I picked the color today, blue, and I’ve already scheduled tomorrow’s demonstration.”

Just then, a man walks across your path, bumps you, apologizes and leans into the men’s booth. He’s dangling a set of keys and says:

“I couldn’t help overhear. Listen, I’ve been given a truck at work…So I’m selling my baby. It’s hardly been on the road…” He gestures to the window. A dark blue Ford F150 is visible outside the window. It’s gleaming in the sunlight. “I was thinking $16,000, but I’ll go for 15.”

The man sets the keys on the table. The group hoots and hollers, the speaker picks up the keys and the men head to the front door.

You grab the waiter by the arm and stare at him intently, “did that man just manifest a truck?”


“Wow…why weren’t the men bothered when someone said their heads were in the clouds?”

“Well…you saw the man speaking…that’s Tony. Here’s been here a lot along with his friends. So, they know that we’re never bothered by what someone says or how they look at us. What bothers us is this: someone sees past our self-deception and puts their finger on a shred of truth, something we truly do believe, deep down. Unless someone’s words or expression have meaning to us, we’re just not bothered.”

“Most people are living with their heads in the clouds and, deep down, they know it; they’re just hoping and wishing for something down-the-road; some future possibility.”

“Tony knows how to live his desired reality. He isn’t waiting for something to happen. Quite frankly, he doesn’t care about manifestation…Why would he?...He’s already living his desired reality—thinking, feeling and behaving it. He demonstrates. He lives what he already has. You heard him describe a few demonstrations.”

“Besides which…Tony and his friends are well aware of Clutter. They don’t just talk about it and go on and on about how we’re all filled with fears and say things like, ‘Fear is so overwhelming…I get nervous…feel resistance…’ They no longer agree to wisdom, they live it.”

“Tony and his friends address clutter and transform it. When clutter arises, like contradictory words from others or lack of support, they immediately recognize it for what it is. Plain and simple, it’s waste, and to entertain it is to step out of one’s chosen path. So, within seconds, they face their clutter, thank it, love it and transform it, and step right back into their desired realities.”

“Tony and his friends know the value of consistency, so they’ve dissolved much of their deeply ingrained clutter. And, given their understanding, they continually re-assess their thoughts, emotions, behaviors; move through Inventory Journals, and make sure they have a handle on any new clutter clawing its way into their respective consciousnesses.”

“Oh,” you say, and find yourself deep in thought as you follow the waiter’s lead.

Suddenly, the waiter stops and points to a couple. “That’s Carla. She’s exploring her desired reality right now; taking possession of what she has, getting to know it.”

You hear the woman’s voice, “My partner is talking…definitely…I believe in intimacy…expect good conversation…I love exploring, comfortable silence…I love talking…yeah, I love conversation, intimacy.”

The man seated across from Carla speaks, “Yes, you do love talking,” he laughs, “we’ve been talking for over an hour…” He pushes the menu towards his companion and says, “Tell me again what you choose.”

Carla smiles and says, “I AM intimate and exploratory, comfortable and relaxed. I give good conversation…aren’t you lucky my friend…and comfort and restful silence…wow, you really are lucky to be spending time with me friend!” The couple laughs.

A waitress glides past you, stops at the couple’s table, and speaks:

 “Miss, the gentleman over there has sent you this drink…He’s hoping you might join him for a chat.”

You look at your waiter intently. He smiles and says, “Yes! Remember, manifestation happens whether you want it to or not. It’s just how the universe works. However, most people are manifesting a hodge-podge of mixed blessings, because they think about what they don’t have; they long for the future, have no idea how to discover what they have...how amazing…” He points to your menu and states aloud the words you see there, “You Are Everything.”

“Pretty easy to know what you have, wouldn’t you say!” Your waiter shakes his head side to side, “Yes. The universe is miraculous in its simplicity.”

“You’re everything…Everything you could ever will is right here, where you are. So, you just need be clear about what you possess. Carla has been here lots like Tony. So, she knows how to explore her desired reality. Thus, Carla clearly experiences what she has, right here, right now, and so, communicates that to us. And as you know…‘you asky, we makey!’” Your waiter laughs, winks and jerks his head forward, urging you to follow to the open booth ahead.

You slide into your booth and set your menu on the table. The waiter touches your hand reassuringly and you overhear a man beside you to talking to another man:

“See…I’m laughing. I always laugh when I’m nervous. I’m full of fear. I know I have fear. But I really want to increase sales. I do. I want to release my fears. Why am I struggling? Why is this happening?...Why do I feel…Why do I get this resistance?...Do you think it’s because of my upbringing?...Do you think that event last month has something to do with this?...”

The waiter leans down to you and smiles, “Believe me, he’s manifesting exactly what he’s asking for. His ‘analysis to paralysis’ mentality is reinforcing his fears, fueling them, making them stronger…”

“Of course, there are no carbon copies among us. It may take him some time to finally realize that even if he knew the answer to all his questions, he’d still be sat right where he is, full of fear. At some point, he’s just going to have to take responsibility, say ‘Yep, I possess fear’ and face it, thank it, love and transform it.”

“Remember, everyone is here…” The waiter fans his arm out across the room. People are everywhere. “Many just don’t know it. Many more want things so desperately that they’ve deceived themselves into believing that this means they’re ready for more. But, as I said when we met, readiness means that one is prepared for the disciplines involved. It means knuckling down and actually doing what is useful and powerful, living truth, instead of merely chit-chatting about it and believing that this accomplishes something.”

“Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go remind this gentleman that he’s wallowing in clutter and ask the kitchen staff to come show him the creation/manifestation recipe.” The waiter points to your menu, “Enjoy!”

You watch the waiter signal for a chef who seems to instantly appear with a placard. The waiter writes on it “Creation/Manifestation Recipe” and makes out a numbered list, 1 through 6, and starts detailing ingredients.

Your attention is drawn to a group seated at a table in front of you. A woman is speaking excitedly. Desiring to see her expression, you lean over and look past the back of a woman’s head draped with long dark hair. The speaker looks ready to burst. Suddenly she stands and says:

“I have an announcement…I’m a mother! Yes, yes, I have a baby. Oh my gosh. I’m pregnant. I am. This is it. In 9 months time I will hold a little me. Well, okay, maybe not, there’s no promises, I know, lots can happen, but I don’t plan on wasting a second of life thinking about ‘what ifs’ or ‘maybes’ or ‘sort ofs’ or anything remotely unpleasant and undesirable. Now, I know you don’t actually see the baby and it would be totally easy to think I’m dreaming and my head is in the clouds, but I’m telling you, it’s totally true. I am a mother!”

The table erupts in cheers. Hugs and kisses are passionately exchanged around the table. When the group settles, a man seated beside the women stands up, looking ready to burst himself, and says:

“I guess it’s my turn. Oh man! Okay, here it is…As you know, our every thought, emotion and action is pregnant with the power to create and…well…I’ve decided…I’m a millionaire! Yes, yes, I have a million dollars. This is it. In a few months time, okay, could be days or weeks, I will hold a manifestation of me: a big bundle of money!”

“Now, okay, there’s no promises, I know, lots can happen, but I don’t plan on wasting a second thinking about ‘what ifs’ or ‘maybes’ or anything remotely unpleasant and undesirable. As of right now, I plan to make sure that every darn contribution I make to the universe fuels my creation…oh wow, it is so pregnant with my creation!”

“So, although we don’t actually see the money right now and it would be totally easy to think I’m dreaming and my head is in the clouds…I’m telling you…I am a millionaire!”

Once again, the crowd erupts in hoots and hollers: “Let’s celebrate this period of gestation!” A few tears are visible and the table remains abuzz with excitement.

You feel elated and open your menu. You start flipping through its pages. It goes on and on and on…You can hardly believe it. You keep turning pages just to see what more you can discover and it never ends…

Just then a waitress approaches and says, “And who are you today?”

“I…I…” you stutter and finally blurt, “I don’t know.”

“That’s okay. Most don’t. You have a menu right?”

“Yes,” you say. “Everything’s in here. Everything! It’s amazing.”

The waitress smiles, “Welcome to the Universal Restaurant. You are everything! Everything you could ever imagine is right here…” she points at the gold letters on the front of the menu and continues, “…right here, where you are!”

You notice again the gold letters scrolled across the front of the menu: You Are Everything.

“Take your time,” the waitress says, “I’m always listening and respond to your every expressed request. Take a look inside, see what you have, choose what you will to experience, right here, right now, and express that, give that, think, feel, act that and the kitchen will whip it up for yah!”

You nod. Turn back to the menu and find yourself caught up ogling the many images and ideas, conditions, events and people shown in the menu. Ideas flood your mind. You notice a small pad of paper and pencil on your table. You start jotting down ideas.

Finally your stomach growls and you write: ham and cheese sandwich and tear off the note.

Just then a waitress appears, “I see you’ve decided. So, if I may, who are you today?”

You’re taken aback by the waitress’s instantaneous response and find yourself sliding your note towards her. She picks it up and reads.

“Miss, do you wish the pizza or the ham and cheese sandwich?”

“What?” you say feeling confused, “Oh…ah…I’m sure I wrote ham and cheese.”

“Well, yes, miss, that’s what your actions communicate, but you’re thinking about the pizza on the menu and, if I may say, you’re drooling.”

You snatch back your hand that passed the note to the waitress and wipe your mouth. Sure enough, your feel wetness on your palm, see a large picture of a pizza on the menu and hear in your mind, “Oh, I so love the gooey cheese of pizza.” 

“Oh well,” you say, “I guess I was thinking of pizza, but I don’t want to eat that much cheese. I really should have something light. I want the ham and cheese.”

The waitress stands for a moment in silence and you get the feeling she’s somehow checking your thoughts and feeling and behaviors. She leaves and you watch her pass a large display sign showing a salad.

Right then, another waiter is beside you, “Miss, do you wish the salad?”

“Pardon me?” you look at the waiter and back to the picture of the salad. “No…I…I want the ham and cheese sandwich.”

“You are thinking about the sandwich miss, but seeing the salad…well, you immediately straightened up and took a deep breath.”

“Yeah…so…I don’t understand…”

“Miss, your body language is clearly communicating that you relish the idea of a salad. And, your behaviors have translated to your thoughts. So…you will for salad miss?”

“No…I…I…I didn’t realize. I guess I’m just conditioned to believe salads are healthier and I feel like I should eat healthy so when I saw the salad, I guess I just reacted.”

“Well,” says this new waiter, “I’m being polite to say that 80% of everything you think, feel and do is unconscious. So, I’m not surprised; happens all the time. People are always saying one thing and doing another. Some think a thing, feel another way and do something else completely different, opposite their intent, absolutely contrary to their emotions, but, of course, they don’t even know it!”

“People are well-practiced at self-deception. They often believe they’re thinking about more, when all they’re really thinking about is less. In fact, 80% of the time, all that’s circulating in them is deeply ingrained fears and they’re so habitual that many will actually argue with you if you point them out.”

“Besides, people think they know what’s upsetting them; frustrating and disappointing them. They think they’re aware of their clutter. But the superficial, topical concerns they know about don’t tell them the half of it.”

“And you know…many people work really, really, really hard at believing, and they think that all this belief cancels out all the clutter that’s pretty much branded into them. But all this forced belief, excitement, passion, gratitude means little, because they have no idea what they believe, expect and love.”

“The question isn’t ‘do you believe?’ Of course you believe and people’s belief is way stronger than they realize. Nope, the question isn’t do you believe, the question is ‘what do you believe?’”

“You see, many just don’t know that asking is about choosing to experience another aspect of being. So asking is really about ‘who are you?’ What you will for is about getting to know you. And most people never bother. They are happy to hold to vague ideas, like money or health, and tell themselves they really, really, really believe they’re wealthy and healthy, and all this means is that they’re wishing and hoping, desperately, for future possibilities they know little about and that are quite unfamiliar.”

“Even if people realize that choosing is about getting into the heart of ‘you’ and discovering who you truly are and who you are being, so you can choose what aspects you truly desire to experience, here and now, many don’t know how to do this.”

“But here’s what’s really amazing…we can lay out the process for them, break down the natural process of creation, give them the entire recipe and many will still agree to the information and not live it, not do it, because they’re not ready, they are simply not prepared for the disciplines involved. Though, to be kind, the truth is, people are conditioned to live their fears; it’s really all they know and so, it takes a good deal of support to urge them out of what is really a forest and maze of clutter.”

“You are ready though. You are here. You have consciously entered the universal restaurant. So, let me ask you again…What do you truly will to experience, right here and right now?”

“I want ham and cheese.”

The waiter looks confused and then, his expression seems full of pity. He stares at you and then, disappears.

You sit ogling the people and activity around you, wondering at the feeling of electricity in the air. Eventually, you feel a growing impatience within you. “Where’s my ham and cheese?” you wonder and call out, “Excuse me…”

Just then a waiter is beside you, “May I serve you?”

“Yes, where’s my ham and cheese? I really, really want it.”

“I know. So you keep communicating, over and over, thus we didn’t make it for you, just as requested.”

“What do you mean? What’s going on here? I clearly say I want ham and cheese, so you clearly don’t make it? What’s that all about?”

“Yes. You said you want. Over and over again, you’ve been thinking, feeling and behaving: ‘I DO NOT HAVE ham and cheese. You keep telling us what you don’t have, thinking about nothing, so we keep making exactly that…a life without ham and cheese. You think, feel and behave ‘I DO NOT HAVE ham and cheese,’ so you do not have ham and cheese.”

The waiter smiles, “we offer prompt, accurate service miss,” and the waiter stands looking at you as if expecting a reward.

Eventually, his expression changes and you feel as though you’re being washed in waves of love. He speaks:

“I take it this is the first time you’ve consciously stepped into the Universal Restaurant...Let me help you out…You already have ham and cheese.” The waiter smiles and points to the menu.

The waiter laughs and says, “You see…we no speaka ‘wanting,’” and he winks and smiles and points to the front door. Above it, scrolled in large gold letters, are the words: Thou Shall Not Want.

“Do you not know that you are everything? Do you know that everything is energy? You are energy. Thus, you are everything. At the very least, you know that you are an extension of source, right? Source is everything. Thus, you are everything.”

“So many people nod their heads and agree to this truth and say, ‘Yes, yes, everything is energy,’ but they don’t live this truth. They agree to it, but they have yet to understand it, experience it, from the inside out, first-hand.”

“You really are everything. So, you HAVE everything. Thus, all you need do is tell me what, out of everything, you truly will to experience, here and now. And the kitchen will make it! If you keep ‘wanting’ dreaming of what you DON’T HAVE; what’s not in your life; what’s missing, then we keep manifesting that for you, because you keep creating it. You keep communicating with every thought, emotion and action, “DON’T HAVE,’ so we keep making exactly that for you.”

“It’s an amazing thing about human beings. They want…You know…No one ever drives here in a Porsche and wants a Porsche. No one doing what they love ever wants to do what they love. People want what they don’t have. They want, and what they mean and deeply believe is ‘this is what’s missing and lacking from my life.’

“And…if you don’t have something then it can only be a future possibility to you, a ‘sort of,’ ‘kind of,’ ‘maybe,’ ‘might happen,’ ‘can try for,’ thing, person or event. You spend all your time grasping for what’s down-the-road, holding to the future and that’s nothing; nothing more than a limited physical concept called time.”

“Everything is energy! What the physical realm calls past, present or future is energy and all energy exists right here, right now.”

“I can promise you that we here, in the Universe, are not keeping a stash of energy in a secret room marked ‘future.’ And, as you can see, none of us are wearing a pair of faded Levi’s keeping a stash of energy in our back pocket and calling it ‘past.’”

“All energy, all of it, exists right here, right now and you’re it. You’re everything.”

“So, keep thinking about what you ‘will’ do and ‘can’ get; keep holding to ‘future’ and you hold to nothingness. Keep filling your mind with ‘not here now,’ and ‘doesn’t exist’ and we’ll keep making exactly that for yah! We’re here to please. We can do no less, for this is your gift.”

“So, remember,” the waiter points to the menu, “everything you could ever imagine is right here where you are. Nothing is hiding in ‘past’ or ‘future.’ Anything you imagine is right here, right now, no where else.”

“So look inside all energy, all that you HAVE. Choose some aspect you will to experience. Then, relish it; relish what you have, so you come to possess it. In other words, explore it, so what you choose starts to become familiar and feels true. Then, when you possess it, you will actually have something to give and you can go ahead and do just that—give, live, express!”

“Think, feel and behave accordingly to what you have and choose to experience out of everything. And, I will respond to your every single thought, emotion, action—every single expressed request—your every command. Give a thought and I will immediately respond. Give an emotion and I’ll jump. Act and I’ll jump. Just as I’m doing for you now.”

“Okay?...Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have. You have everything, but not until you acknowledge it and possess it; grab hold of it. This is your gift. You are here to discover what you have; what you’ve been given—everything—and explore it all, all that you have. It is given to you to choose what you will to know and possess—in your new and unique way; in whatever order you choose,” the waiter laughs and adds, “no pun intended!”

“Acknowledge what you have. Get to know it. Possess it. Give it. Or, so much will remain ‘missing’ and ‘out of reach’ to you.”

The waiter points to the menu and continues, “Explore you. Because you’re it my friend! All of it! You’re everything!”

“Oh! And might I suggest that you speed things along…stop giving so many mixed commands. To tell you the truth, our staff has been slamming into each other back at the kitchen, because every two seconds you’re thinking something different.”

“Every few minutes, another waiter comes screaming up to the counter saying, “wait, stop, her emotions are communicating this,” and then again, “wait, stop, her actions are communicating this now.” Even when you think about the same thing for a few minutes, and your emotions are clearly going in the same direction, your behaviors are communicating the opposite, going in a completely different direction, expressing something else entirely.”

“Remember, you get here what you give. Every time you think, feel or behave; every time an image flashes in your mind, you twitch, swallow, speak, muse and cough, you release an impulse of energy that carries all the details, qualities and instructions of your being, much like DNA carries the plans to create form. And we, the universe, instantly respond to your programming and mold and shape the physical world accordingly.”

“So…Who are you today? What is at the center of your being?” The waiter winks…

“I am a ham and cheese sandwich eater!” You sit taller; feel grand.

The waiter smiles, “I leave you to celebrate the gestation period of your creation; explore what you believe and expect.” The waiter vanishes.

You’re immediately busy experiencing your desired reality. Your mind is filled with all the beliefs that define a ham and cheese sandwich eater, according to you. You relish the images and ideas you’re entertaining about how you expect to behave as a ham and cheese sandwich eater. And you find yourself already demonstrating; find your thoughts and emotions translating to your behaviors. You spread a napkin onto your lap. You stop a passing waitress and ask for mustard…

Just then, as you’re relishing the whole of your being growing into your desired reality, a waitress appears, sets a large ham and cheese sandwich before you and slides the bottle of mustard you asked for closer. 

You look at your manifestation and look up at the waitress and say, “I’m definitely taking this menu with me!” You smile wide.

“Actually miss, if you take a moment to turn inward, you’ll remember that you’ve been carrying this menu all along. But, let me give you this…” The waitress snaps her fingers and someone rushes over with a recipe card in their hands.

The waitress hands you the recipe card and says, “Life is a recipe. You mix several ingredients in every moment and create and manifest continuously. You’re always mixing the recipe and you always make something! The recipe always works. It’s working right now!”

“You just tend to create somewhat blindly and haphazardly much of the time. You throw ingredients in that don’t need to be there, like clutter, and leave others out. Familiarize yourself with the creation/manifestation ingredients, mix them effectively, and if you do so often, remembering that you are always mixing the recipe anyways, you will continuously mix it better and better and better…there is no end to the miracles and growth, expansion, insights, joy and success you can experience.”

“Live your ‘readiness.’ In a manner of speaking, stop thinking, start doing.”

“Mix the recipe you’re already mixing more effectively. Move from wanting to desire, from what you don’t have to what you have, from believing to knowing what you believe, expect and love, from manifestation to exploring the heart of you…And, in this way, cultivate your awareness, confidence, self-worth, respect and love, your sense of energy, connection to all things and truth…Experience first hand, from the inside out, what so many merely continue to agree to, conceptualize…for they never get busy doing…And, if I may…as the universe so eloquently put it:

“You must decide for those beliefs that benefit your life and find your truth in doing—for it is in doing that you leap from rationality to an experience of enlightenment.” (pg.279)

Your eyes scan the six ingredients laid out on the recipe card gripped tightly between your thumb and fingers and you feel urged to turn it over. There, on the backside of the card, in golden letters, is a phrase soon to become your mantram: I Am Everything I Need to Be and Everything I Need is in Me.

You smile…feel fulfilled…full of love…rich…you exude wealth and straighten up… and a platter is elegantly set before you…a waiter bows…

“Will there be anything else…anything…”



Do You Know…?

How Professional Dreamer came to be set in print?

You know what sparked me to translate this benediction onto paper, but what you may not know is that I was encouraged by a group who sparked so much more…

You see, a group of people, at the time that I was asked to put everything into a book, asked me to speak and when I asked what Desire they wished to focus on, they said: “Healing.” About a month later, three women from the group tracked me down to tell me that they’d healed of different cancers. It was then that I discovered that everyone in that group had some form of cancer and all were now in various stages of healing. They urged me to keep writing and make the information easily accessible.

When the book was complete, I asked the three spokeswomen for the group if they would name a charity. Professional Dreamer, from then and on, would support the charity of their choosing. They choose The Cancer Foundation.

I chose to release Professional Dreamer for charity as my Step Six. This celebration would remind us that Professional Dreamer, like everything, is energy and I wished to honor highest, truest and best energy in a significant way. And I wished to cultivate all the hidden benefits inherent in a single step. For example:

  • This act ensures every reader’s energy circulates; not stagnates;
  • Reminds us of our connection to each other and all things;
  • Reminds us that living our life to its fullest is the greatest gift to others.
  • We do the Practice and benefit, but we benefit all people and things.
  • We “Share Our Practice:”
    - because we operate in a pool of energy and how clear and intense our personal energy is, really depends on the clarity and clutter in the whole pool.
  • We honor the power of purposeful giving. Purposeful giving essentially forces us to become clear about the “what and why” of a contribution.
  • Purposeful giving cultivates our awareness, so we consider what we’re “all about;” consider what’s at our core—our desired reality—any time we give, which means, of course, every time we think, feel, do.
  • We live appreciation, not just think about it once and a while or muster up grateful feelings from time to time, but actually live thankfully for what the universe had given us.
  • We live thankfully and move well past gratitude to live in a state of awe.
  • We automatically and naturally “Share Our Practice” as instructed. This means that we not only uphold our end of the service agreement, but we “do,” and doing means actually behaving truth—not just intellectualizing it.
  • We do and assemble the whole of our being in line with what we say we believe;
  • Thus, we move from agreement to understanding.

Indeed! Many say they know: “everything is energy,” but they don’t introduce others to the insights they discover saying, “Oh, well, I’m not sure this person is into this and that,” or “so and so might think I’m nuts,” which means that they’re living fear, holding back, worried about what people think, and on and on…

They are saying they strongly believe this truth and that truth—everything is energy, we’re powerful, we are all one, I can achieve miracles—but really, deep down, there is nagging doubt; their faith is faltering and while sharing would forge and strengthen their faith, they continue to live clutter and behave fearfully.

So, I chose this celebration for many reasons…Indeed, it never ceases to amaze me how many hidden benefits lie waiting for us in the application of a single step like “Sharing Our Practice.”

So, there you go…I shared with these women my chosen celebration and asked them to name a charity, telling them that I would honor their choice from then and on, give proceeds from all sales to the charity of their choosing. The women chose the Cancer Foundation.

To this day, the first charitable receipt rests framed on my desk and moves me to think of my desired reality and what I truly will to experience and thus, give, contribute to the world.

(It’s interesting… spend a few minutes to celebrate, just reflect on the points listed here, points you live: think, feel and behave, and something unexpected and wonderful manifests! I swear, it’s almost as if the universe purposefully goes out of its way to say, “Yes. Don’t forget. It really is all about giving!” And now that we’re doing this here again, something nifty is going to manifest today…Well, let’s enjoy…and celebrate again!)

Now, I know that we don’t go shouting all that we do from rooftops, we just do. So, if you’re new to the community, now you know that your every purchase does much more than you may realize…which is the point remember…every step, every effort you make; every time you do—what you already do—more effectively, you do so, so much, way more than you may realize, and not just for you, but for everything.

So, let’s take a moment today to apply Step Six together! Pat yourself on the back and celebrate and remember the power, purpose and importance of our giving; really think about why the universe instructed us to “Share Our Practice;” how this so automatically shifts our being and encourages subtle shifts in consciousness and for all people and things and not just the one person giving; remember the power of a single step and so much more…

Let’s celebrate! Here’s my smiley face and that of Robin Jones-Murrell, Special Events Officer for the Foundation…as you know, we have our own link on the BC Foundation Website and, of course, we give to many more charities now…but last week was sunny and bright and Robin suggested we celebrate Professional Dreamer…I took along May’s end of the month PD Week contribution (http://www.pdweek.com), and we enjoyed a casual, sunny day...

Oh! And our Professional Dreamer T-shirts were designed by a dedicated Professional Dreamer, award-winning artist, Patricia Baun of http://www.maudedecor.com, seen in several house and garden magazines last month…


Download an audio, get into a course…take care of you, live your life to its fullest and you automatically give the greatest gift to others!



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